DNZ DJ Network is a project that has its roots in the music;
and even before becoming a Management & Booking Agency, in its embryo it was already an idea
that was living in the clubs,
in the slums of our country more underground and on the covers of old vinyls.

The founders ,Diego Dentico and Zenzo Losasso in fact, grow musically and work-wise right there, on the roads;
the first one working throughout Italy in the company of the great names of 'house music,
working as a driver first and then manager;
the second in clubs southern Italy which leads to years of artistic direction.

After their meeting almost fortuitous and a first collaboration with another agency,
comes the need to create something new and especially different.

A new reality capable of combining " old and new",
where the great exponents of the electronic music and living legends of the 'house music,
are supported by young talents creating a veritable laboratory of artistic never boring and constantly evolving.

The combination of passion for music and a sense of responsibility for the role they are investing today
in the DNZ Dj Network a global, borderless,
inspired by our past and projected into the future...

Luca Elle

© Copyright 2019 by DnZ Dj Agency