Joss Moog on Different Grooves

Joss Moog on Different Grooves

Published On 17 marzo 2014 | Interviews

Hi Joss, first of all welcome to Different Grooves!
Hi guys!

Lets start from the beginning: tell us how you approached to house music?
Towards the age of 12 I received a small synth for Christmas. I liked the idea that one can do anything with a single instrument. Then my synths became increasingly big and numerous and I started to do some electronic production with a friend of mine, Around 7, who has released two excellent LP on Robsoul Jazz. I gradually turned to house music at the end of the 90s and even more after I met Phil Weeks at the same period. We did a few songs together and then I released my first EP, “Room 25”, in 2006.

Which are your main musical influences?
Out of house music my roots are acid-jazz, funk, disco, hiphop, soul and jazz.

Tell us how you get in touch with Phil Weeks and RobSoul Recordings?
We did sports together and we discovered that music was a common passion. We have always enjoyed working together because we are friends and musically we complement each other . Before Robsoul, it was already working, so collaboration on the label productions were done naturally.

Which is you favorite own release?
My best memory is my first EP, Room 25, because it was my first one, but also because it worked well and I got good returns. It’s always nice for a producer to say that his music is not listened to only by his parents. As a “new” producer you do not know at all how your music will be perceived. In this case I had and I still have very good feedback on tracks like “Forever Pimpin ‘” for example.

You are ready to be part of Different Grooves On Air catalogue: would you tell our readers and listeners what they are ready to hear from your podcast?
Some underground funky deep house music with brand new tracks notably from Robsoul, some old jewels by Soulphiction, moodymann and more…Don’t miss the tracklist!!

Joss Moog in the next 6 months: unveil our readers your future plans?
The main project I’m working on right now is the creation of a label to be called “Ondulé”. This is an exciting adventure that I’m experiencing with some friends. One of the aims is to provide an electronic music to play live. I want to return to my first love, playing house tracks mixing machines and instruments, samplers, computers and synths, bass on the one hand and brass on the other.

Was a pleasure to spend quality time with you Joss, thank you!
Thanks ;)

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