Terry Hunter on Different Grooves

Terry Hunter on Different Grooves

Published On 24 marzo 2014 | Interviews

What are the projects that recently mostly involved you?
I’ve been working a lot lately but I just produced a song for Jennifer Hudson new album title “It’s Your World” due out in May on RCA records… Also just finish a Rmx for John Legend “All Of Me” new Wayne Williams single Feat. Kenny Bobien & House N’HD “Soulfrica” so I’ve been busy happy to say.

A lot of producers involved in house or tech house are still taking inspiration from the early house and techno vinyls published in Chicago, New York, Detroit etc. What do you think about their kind of approach? I like what the younger producers doing there bringing the best of the old 90′s we used to do with the current sounds hats off.

In your opinion what’s missing nowadays in the electronic music scene?
The live element is missing I don’t hear enough chords to many single note melodies in my opinion in music today seem like there scared of it… I love the synths and all but needs more of a live feel the newer music.

What are the things you find interesting and motivational which let you continue producing and deejaying?
I love the advancement in the DAW & plug ins… lets you do so much and now there are really getting the sound close to the analog but for the connivence I use a lot of plugs mixed with the analog sound.

How is going on the work behind your label T’s Box?
It’s going really well have a lot of releases lined up… I just put out the new remix package of “We Are One” with mixes from Louie Vega, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spen, DJ Beloved, Davide Fiorese so hopefully that will do well and please people go support that release.

You’re ready to be part of the Different Grooves On Air featured artists, what can you tell us about the podcast you recorded?
This is a mix that I complied to promote my BBE comp in titled Bang which is my Sunday night residency at the shrine night club in Chicago… It show cases the music I play each week so I hope you enjoy it.

Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
I think I mention everything I’m doing so please be on the look and all your support is welcome.

Thanks for the time you spent for the interview and good luck!
Thank you!

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