Originally from Bari, Italy, Fedele Ladisa is part of the emerging wave of DJ producers

which are eager to explore new territories of electronic music

and one of the three minds behind the already acclaimed Italian outt Agents of time.

Since his youth, when he learned how to play with instruments such as piano and violin, music has always been his passion.

In 2006, he entered the universe of DJing and started performing in dierent clubs around Italy.

With Hip Hop, R’N’B, Soul and Nu-Disco music as initial backgrounds,

he soon developed an ever-growing and free-spirited interest in House and Techno’s unpredictable variety of soundscapes.

His penchant for electronic music led him to master the universe of synthesizer techniques

and drum machines and to start creating his own productions.
Following an enthusiastic debut on the American label Undulate,

he further enriched his ongoing solo career with the creation of the ambitious project Agents of Time.
A new journey, which led him to perform at internationally recognised festivals as well as in famous clubs around the globe
and to receive massive support from the likes of Tale of Us, Dixon, Tiga, Agoria, John Digweed, Stephan Bodzin and Miss Kittin.

Driven by a devotion for the underground pioneers and a yearning for forward-thinking sounds,
Fedele’s own DJ sets herald a stream of compelling and emotive beats and textures,
always irrespective of the preconceived mainstream inclinations.