Farfa is an abbreviation of farfalla which in Italian means butterfly.

This is what he was baptized with by his friends and many others who have had the privilege of experiencing the mystical sensation of one of his sessions where he ingeniously drifts from one mix into another. He was born in Florence where he began as a DJ in 1984. His international fame took off in 1991, starting in Paris, with CosmosFactory(RAVEAGE).

Few years later, music magazines like Dee Jay Magazine, Up Date and Melody Maker (which dedicated 2 pages to him) began to publish articles about the Farfa Phenomenon.

The English magazine Muzik chose Francesco as their DJ-face to promote their first issue.  Farfa did the Essential Mix for Pete Tong program on Radio 1-BBC which aroused big responses from the audience. He was approached by the famous Italian tv-director Alberto D’Onofrio to shoot an episode of the series DJ TRIP,  broadcasted on SKY TV .

His talents as a producer began to evolve in the beginning of the 90s when, together with Joy Kiticonti – his inseparable work-mate in the studio at that time – did several remixes for people like Caspar Pound (Rising High), Charly Hall (Drum Club) and Dino Lenny. His participation in the Trip do Brasil project with Jose Padilla and D.J Cam, edited by Sony France, truly confirmed his international fame as a producer. He owned Audioesperanto Recordings , and worked with Serial Killer Vinyl , label who issued

Universal Love, that was played by the most relevant DJs from club scene and broadcasted worldwide on radios.

This track is now considered as a classic : Laurent Garnier is frenquently including it in his sets.

Francesco does not like to be labeled as a Techno or House DJ.

He likes to move with the music taking vibrations from

the dancefloor .