It was 1993, and ‘Running Away’ marked the musical incipit of a friendship that matured since adolescence.
Everything was a discovery. Music thrilled people and clubs were experiencing the beginning of an era that would become memorable.
It is with Running Away that Alex Neri and Marco Baroni give life to the dream called Kamasutra.
Their skill and eclecticism in knowing how to produce in multiple genres are immediately evident. That’s how each EP turns into a journey, and from 1993 to 1999, the boys churn out a series of records considered real pearls.
From the dub and dream sounds of Plastic Project to the hits Burnin and Where is the Love, in between Running Away, Night Walk, Censored, and the debut of a name that would have made a lot of talk about itself after a few years, Planet Funk.
Today, 28 years later, Alex and Marco decide to retrace their origins with one of their most related projects. The desire arises from rediscovering those sounds and evolving them in new directions in live sets.
The duo has in the pipeline, or rather in the studio, new releases that promise to ignite the dance floors around the world; meanwhile, on Spotify and all other platforms, there is already their digital catalog that was only available until now on vinyl.