Lorenzo is a vinyl lover but also morbidly attracted to new technologies; with the heart in the roots of house music but a mind constantly projected to the sound of the future and in continuous evolution.

There is already a lot to say about his fast-growing career, such as his triumph at the Burn Energy Drink world competition in Ibiza in 2017, but the best thing to talk about Lorenzo is definitely his release schedule.

– “This is acid” (Moon Harbor)

– “The Vibe” (Saved)

-Detlef “Music Please” Lorenzo de Blanck remix (RepopulateMars)

– “The Bump” (Moon Harbor) including Ben Sterling remix

– “Hey What’s Up EP” (saved records)

– “Everyday Ep” (Hottrax)

– “White Havana EP” (Saved records)

– “Rewind” (Moon Harbor) 1.7 million plays on Spotify

– “Someone” (ElRow Music)

– “Electric bodywork (records saved)

– “I am looking for” incl. Londonground remix (Deeperfect)

– “I Want Stand” (D-Floor)

are just some of the latest works he did in the studio, while jumping from one corner of the world to another, crossing many countries, clubs and festivals;

Resistance @ Privilege (Ibiza), Sankeys (Ibiza), Klein (Istanbul), Kappa Futur Festival (Turin), Movement (Turin), Papagayo (Tenerife), Aquarium (London), Cocorico-Piramide & Titilla (Riccione), Amnesia ( Milan), Vox (Modena), Buongiorno Classic (Rimini), We Are Family (London), Peter Pan (Riccione), Doc Show (Bologna), Link (Bologna), Club Bonsoire (Bern-Switzerland), Boat Party on Thames (London), Boat party with PeteTong (Ibiza), Zanzibar (Marina di Ravenna), Ralf in Bikini (Cattolica), Skyy Vodka Beach Festival (Rimini) are just a short list of his recent experience.

Lorenzo is also the main man of Simple from Ferrara (IT), one of the best underground parties currently held in Italy, where he shares the dj booth with great djs like

Patrick Topping, Hector Couto, Richy Ahmed, Cuartero, Dennis Cruz, Radio Slave, Marco Faraone, Leon and many others.

Lorenzo is also a regular guest on some of the major radio shows such as “It’s All About the Music”, the official Music On radio show on Ibiza Global Radio in Ibiza, Data Transmission and many more.

Last but not least, Lorenzo has released his Masterclass for Fader pro and Deeperfect.

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning.