Those of you who have stepped on London’s underground at least once in their life are unlikely to forget that repetitive announcement: MIND THE GAP. It is a warning, a sentence, an idea that stays in your mind. Just like the Italian DJ/producer duo with more than 20 years’ experience collectively in the clubbing scene. There is a double meaning behind their name: to fill the gap and warn their audience about the musical “gap” which could muddy the tastes of music lovers. There is a divide, an emptiness that they are trying to fill by fusing deep house with Detroit’s influences. Their sound can be overwhelming, at times hypnotic, but always characterized by deep bass, rich grooves, and refined sounds. The choice of their name clearly highlights the underground vibes of the duo. Their desire to experiment, their artistic need to fill this gap by researching new sounds, and new roads to follow even if more complex. The gap is filling, but be mindful because it will give rise to something fascinating and captivating that you won’t forget.