Canadian Jonny White, acting Head of No.19 Music, is now the lone force behind

the influential project that began as a collaborative effort with long-time friend

Kenny Glasgow in 2009. The prolific producer’s original production style landed

Art Department at the forefront of a major underground music movement,

transcending genre barriers and forever altering the landscape of dance music.

Their game-changing contribution to electronic music

has been undeniable, garnering accolades such as #1 track of the year at the

Beatport Awards in 2011 and iTunes #2 “Best Electronic Album” of 2011.

Notable mention in wide-spread press, including The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Billboard,

Vogue, I:D, Nylon and Vibe Magazine who ranked art department the #2

DJ/Producers in the world in 2013, second only to Daft Punk, firmly established

Art Department as a rarity in the world of electronic music.

Since the project’s inception, Jonny has performed at nearly 150 events

annually on a never-ending world tour.  Upon beginning to tour the project and first being installed as

residents at DC10 in Ibiza in 2010, AD has taken the immersive and unique style of DJ’ing

across the globe, performing at trendsetting international festivals like Movement,

EDC, Lollapalooza, Coachella andTomorrowWorld to name but a few and has been

an ambassador for Ultra’s recent Resistance brand the world over.

Art Department’s debut release arrived in 2010 with the “Vampire Nightlcub /

Without You” EP, a record so unique that it set the electronic music world ablaze

placing the project firmly at the foundation of a new era in underground dance

music. Since then the prolific producers honed their original and remix production

skills for top international record labels, most notably on White’s own No.19 Music, with their crown jewel being the

impressive debut album “The Drawing Board” released on the revered Crosstown

Rebels label.

Art Department’s sophomore album, “Natural Selection” expanded upon their

previous body of work, building a deeper and more experimental sound while

staying true their original music style that won the hearts of their dedicated fans.

In 2015 Glasgow left the group to pursue a solo project while Art Department entered

its next chapter with Jonny taking the helm. White established the change in direction

with the creation of the 82nd mix in the legendary Fabriccompilation series – focused

more narrowly on the dance floor and a heavier,dubby house and techno sound.

One year later in 2016, Art Department embarked on yet another milestone event –

mixing the latest edition in the legendary Renaissance Mix Collection. The double

disc showcased a deeper side of the artist’s taste and original production, featuring his own

production “Bodies” and a collaboration with Toronto native AD/D “Motorcity

Sunrise” which saw notable success.

Jonny has also continued to successfully develop his beloved No.19 Music record

label with long-time friend and co-founder Nitin, which to date has released works

from over 150 of the most influential, electronic artists, across the globe. As the

label approaches it’s 10th year in 2018, No.19 has become one of the most sought

after contemporary imprints in dance music today.

White has found his latest efforts materialize in the form of two new vinyl-only imprints. The first, being Social

Experiment, the name used for the brand of highly successful No.19 Music record

label showcases that have been one of the most in-demand events for club and

music festival promotors around the world. While the second imprint, named

Sunday Money will serves as yet another opportunity to provide even more artists

with a platform to release music, catering more to collectors of deeper, “post-

minimal” house and techno. In 2018 White added yet another label to his portfolio in the form

of a partnership in Subwax Bcn, the imprint and distribution company with a catalogue of over 100

vinyl only labels.

In 2017, Jonny began his work on an issue close to his heart – Music Against

Animal Cruelty (MAAC), a non-profit organization with one simple directive: to aid in

wildlife conservation through the medium of music, rallying support form the

music industry to protect diminishing populations from extinction. In 2018 his

conservation initiative reached Ibiza in a collaborative effort with Yann Pissemen

and Ushuai that saw the electronic music community come together in support

of the largest fundraiser of it’s kind to date.

As an additional contribution, the Social experiment imprint forms a crucial part of

fundraising efforts in its guise as a non-profit record label with all proceeds being

designated to MAAC.

Now, as we look forward to 2019, Art Department

continues to evolve with Jonny planning to release a series of original releases to

coincide with the 10th year of No.19 Music and a string of global

showcases to celebrate the occasion. Never one to rest on his laurels, Art

Department strives to explore new sounds and ideas, continuing to bring his

reimagining of a project loved by so many to the world stage with no end in site.