A legendary name, from New York’s “Studio54” to the best clubs around the world.

Kenny Carpenter is an authentic legend, and his name is associated with a club that in the 70’s revolutionized clubbing all over the world, and made transgression, hedonism and provocation, combined with the underground music of the era, the cornerstones of nightlife in the years to follow.

Kenny Carpenter is considered one of the fathers of dance, in the 70s he was a lighting technician in New York clubs such as The Galaxy, The Inferno and The Loft, but in the 80s he became the resident DJ of the famous Studio 54 (and worked there for 20 years), here, as well as mixing, he was also appreciated for the vocals he proposed, defined by all as “spiritual”; later it was Bond’s turn in the center of Time Square and, now known, he was hired for the opening of the Colisseum to Israel. From here, it was seen and heard all over the world, also thanks to the Ministry of Sound tours and the collaborations of London’s Kiss FM radio he’s still around since then.