St. David real name Davide Disanto is a 90’s powerhouse Dj , Producer and Musician born in Bari, Italy 1991.

His house tracks are groovy and old school house sounding and for many years his releases have been on the top of the World Vinyl Charts at 1st place and played by big names of the House Music scene.

American house musical scene is one of his main inspirations for his productions.

In addition to DJ’ing and producing music, David is the Founder of Theory Of Swing Records, a vinyl only label where he’s is going to bring back this 90’s magic feel of the past.

He reaches the respect of many underground house music big names of the panorama, one of those Cinthie, that in 2022 will feature the track “I See U’ Movin” in her DJ Kicks and with a solo EP on Jovonn’ label Body N’ Deep in 2023.


Snatch! Records, !K7 Dj Kicks, Groovin’, Theory Of Swing Records, Body N’ Deep, Skylax, Let’ s Play House and many more.